I am broadly interested in (a) determinants of human cooperation and (b) assessment of psychological states (and the intersection of these topics).

My work on cooperation examines the links between situational and institutional factors, individual differences in personality, and cooperative behaviour in the laboratory and in everyday life, using a mix of experiments and experience sampling methods.

I have been particularly interested in subjective perceptions of interdependenceā€”beliefs about the degree to which a situation involves mutual dependence, conflicting interests, or power asymmetry. Increasingly, I am also interested in the role of institutions and institutional choice to promote cooperation within and between groups.

I have worked extensively on the psychometrics of perceived situation characteristics, often using models from latent state-trait theory. This has raised interesting questions about how to best assess psychological variables that reflect states rather than traits. I am now extending this work to other constructs, in particular personality states.

Data, code, and materials for my research can be found on the OSF. I have an ORCID and a Github profile. Please reach out if you have any questions about my work.