Cooperation Colloquia

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With the Cooperation Colloquia, we aim to provide a forum for recent interdisciplinary research on cooperation in humans and other animals.

The Cooperation Colloquia are organised by Giuliana Spadaro at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Qinyu Xiao at the University of Vienna, and Simon Columbus at MIT. Please feel free to contact us in case you have any queries.

Upcoming Colloquia

We are currently recruiting speakers for autumn 2024.

Past Colloquia

2024-06-14 | Daniele Nosenzo (Aarhus University) | Discrimination preferences

2024-06-07 | Julia Marshall (Boston College) | The role of intergroup dynamics in shaping cooperative behavior in development

2024-05-17 | Heiko Rauhut (University of Zürich) | Investigating social value orientations: A longitudinal examination of the SVO slider measure

2024-05-03 | Thomas Epper (CNRS / IÉSEG) | The power of three: The fundamental properties, stability and predictive power of distributional preferences

2024-04-19 | Esther Blanco (University of Innsbruck) | No responses to changes in the benefits from cooperation in one-time public goods

2024-04-05 | Jillian Jordan (Harvard University) | How reputation does (and does not) drive people to punish without looking

2024-03-22 | Zachary H. Garfield (Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique) | The socio-ecology of human leadership and conflict mediation

2024-03-08 | Yuta Kawamura (Osaka Metropolitan University) | Rethinking the roles of reputation, trivial giving, and altruistic punishment

2024-02-23 | Marco Colnaghi (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) | How interdependence shapes the evolution of cooperation

2024-02-09 | Cailin O’Connor (University of California, Irvine) | Dynamics of inequity

2023-12-01 | Pedro Dal Bó (Brown University) | Coordination and cooperation

2023-11-17 | Joshua Plotkin (University of Pennsylvania) | How to design institutions that promote cooperation

2023-11-03 | Stephen Benard (Indiana University Bloomington) | Forgiveness, revenge, and social status in intergroup conflict

2023-10-20 | Giulia Andrighetto (CNR/Institute for Futures Studies) | Dynamics of social norms under collective risk

2023-10-06 | Luke Glowacki (Boston University) | The evolution of peace

2023-06-09 | Ashley Harrell (Duke University) | Telling on your ties: Information-spreading and cooperation in networked collective action groups

2023-05-12 | Donghyun Danny Choi (Brown University) | Native bias: Overcoming discrimination against immigrants

2023-04-28 | Peter Thisted Dinesen (University College London) | Diverse and disunited? The consequences of immigration for social trust in Western societies

2023-04-14 | Vasiliki Fouka (Stanford University) | Culture clash: Incompatible reputation systems and intergroup conflict

2023-03-31 | Carsten de Dreu (Leiden University) | Environmental stress increases out-group aggression and intergroup conflict in humans

2023-03-17 | Junhui Wu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) | Gossip and reputation-based cooperation: When, why, and how

2023-03-03 | Anne Pisor (Washington State University) | Human sociality is all about flexibility: From parochial altruism to climate change adaptation

2023-02-17 | Christian Hilbe (MPI for Evolutionary Biology) | A brief history of modeling direct and indirect reciprocity

2023-01-27 | Claus Lamm (University of Vienna) | Neural mechanisms of empathy and prosocial behavior (live in Vienna!)

2022-12-02 | Delia Baldassarri (New York University) | Prosociality beyond group boundaries

2022-11-17 | Alessandra Cassar (University of San Francisco) | It makes a village: Allomaternal care and prosociality

2022-11-04 | Kevin McKee (DeepMind) | Social value orientation: From human cooperation to cooperative AI

2022-06-17 | Nichola Raihani (University College London) | Punishment: One tool, many uses

2022-06-03 | Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich) | The dynamics of norm formation and norm decay

2022-05-20 | Angela Dorrough (University of Cologne) | Bribery across borders

2022-05-06 | Sebastian Grüneisen (MPI for Human Development) | Coordinated decision-making in young children

2022-04-22 | Tarek Jaber-Lopez (Université Paris Nanterre) | Ostracism and theft in heterogeneous groups

2022-04-08 | Pat Barclay (University of Guelph) | Connecting the causes of cooperation

2022-03-25 | Francisco C. Santos (University of Lisbon) | The complexity of human cooperation under indirect reciprocity

2022-03-11 | Quqiong He (Dongbei University of Finance and Economics) | Historical rice farming and contemporary cooperative behavior in China

2022-02-25 | Juan-Camilo Cárdenas (University of Massachusetts Amherst) | Social learning from lab-in-the-field experiments

2022-02-11 | Wojtek Przepiorka (Utrecht University) | Moderators of reputation effects in peer-to-peer online markets: A meta-analytic model selection approach

2021-12-09 | Sarah Mathew (Arizona State University) | The cultural evolution of cooperative norms: evidence from pastoral Kenya

2021-11-26 | Mariana Blanco (Universidad del Rosario) | How to make a criminal

2021-11-12 | Cristina Bicchieri (University of Pennsylvania) | In science we (should) trust: Expectations and compliance across nine countries during the COVID-19 pandemic

2021-10-29 | Sergey Gavrilets (University of Tennessee) | Coevolution of actions, personal norms, and beliefs about others in social dilemmas

2021-10-15 | Masaki Yuki (Hokkaido University) | Low relational mobility, fear of sticking out, and concealment of prosocial behaviors

2021-10-01 | Nikos Nikiforakis (NYU Abu Dhabi) | Cooperation under the shadow of inequality

2021-09-17 | Hannes Rusch (Maastricht University) | Angry young men — Protagonists or plotters of conflicts?

2021-09-03 | Toby Handfield (Monash University) | Morality as an evolved signaling device: We need better evidence

2021-06-18 | Eleanor Power (London School of Economics) | When does reputation lie? Dynamic feedbacks between costly signals and social Prominence

2021-06-04 | Shakti Lamba (University of Exeter) | New methods in the study of cooperation

2021-05-21 | Zegni Triki (Stockholm University) | Biological market effects and cooperation in the cleaner fish mutualism

2021-05-07 | Liran Samuni (Harvard University) | Strong social relationships and cooperative exchange in wild chimpanzees

2021-04-23 | Brent Simpson (University of South Carolina) | Radical flanks and public support for protest groups

2021-04-09 | Coren Apicella (University of Pennsylvania) | From selfish beginnings: Tracing the evolutionary origins of cooperation using data from hunter-gatherers

2021-03-26 | Jörg Gross (Leiden University) | The social dilemma of self-reliance

2021-03-12 | Giuliana Spadaro (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) | The Cooperation Databank

2021-02-26 | Simon Gächter (University of Nottingham) | Why do people follow rules?